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Gillie adds topping to her already popular pizza

Staffordshire sculptor, Gillie Nicholls, has revisited her much-talked about artwork, "Let Them Eat Pizza" and added colour, to bring it even more to life.

The 12" high statement piece (sized to fit in a pizza box) was originally unveiled in February 2021, to critical acclaim.

Whilst opinions may be divided on the switch from the original raw and earthy tones of the clay, to the vibrancy and style of the new full colour version - created using oil paints and layered washes - but the work's state-of-the-nation sentiment is retained and its impact only increased.

Gillie explained, "I wanted to do a modern take on 'Let them eat cake", the infamous quote from French Queen, Marie Antionette, when told that the peasant population of Paris had no bread to eat. The Royal was oblivious to the plight of the poor and understood little of the challenges they faced on a daily basis.

Gillie's superb artwork will be sold later this year, with 50% of the proceeds being sent to her local NSPCC in Staffordshire. Anyone interested in bidding should contact her direct via

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