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"Observations and Interpretations" exhibition dates announced

Gillie Nicholls - a highly skilled sculptor and potter - is delighted that her work will be exhibited alongside painters, Lesley Miller and John Thirlwall at the Follow Arts Centre in Leek.


Stockwell Street, Leek, Staffordshire ST13 6AD

Exhibition open to the public from Saturday 19th September - Saturday 9th November 2020

Open each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Lesley Miller shows a flair for composition, colour, mood and surface texture, constantly remaining true to her belief in direct observation. Lesley owed a debt to many artists, from Cezanne and Matisse to the great masters of the Renaissance period.

John Thirlwall invests his work with a strong sense of tone, colour and surface texture. John acknowledges the debt he owes to great artists such as  Cezanne, Matisse, Piero della Francesca and de Stael as well as many contemporary artists.

For almost forty years Gillie Nicholls has combined two careers: that of professional musician and potter, working from her studio in Stafford.  After many years of mixing clay and glazes, learning the craft of building and firing complex shapes alongside simple functional wares, during the summer of 2017, Gillie happened upon sculpture. She quickly realised that all of the essential technical ability was already there at her fingertips. Gillie says  “I have always loved the anthropomorphic quality of hand thrown pots, and over the past two years, since my sculpting epiphany, I have begun to explore the synthesis of pots and human form through clay portraiture.”

Meet The Artist session / Meet Gillie in person

Thursday 24th September- 2pm till 4pm.

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